Tool & Systems Guide

Organizational Tools

Everyone on the team uses these to stay in sync.

Slack is a chat and communication tool that we use in place of Skype. By default, all communication should happen over Slack in our various channels. We might choose to invite clients as Single-Channel Guests to a private group in our Slack if we think it will make our communication more open and effective. There is a web app, desktop app. and mobile app.

Trello stores our tasks in what they call ‘cards’. If someone has a task they should perform, it should be in Trello.

Google Apps
We us for Google Apps for Business, which allows us to log into emails. It also powers our Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive.

Google Calendar
All meetings, both internal and with clients, are managed using Google Calendar.

We use email for interfacing with clients and for signing up for web services.

Google Drive
All documents should live in Google Drive. This includes everything from our financial records to project brainstorms.


These help us build mockups and prototypes to share ideas with clients and inform development.

Sketch is a new piece of design software from Bohemian Coding. We use this as the primary tool for user interface (UI) design. One of the great parts of Sketch is its plugin support. We use plugins for small workflow processes and notably Zeplin for speccing.

Adobe Illustrator CC is our primary tool for graphics. While Sketch is great at laying out elements, its vector software is less powerful than Adobe’s. Logo design and illustrations happen in Illustrator and are often imported into the other tools for further processing.

We use Adobe Photoshop CC primarily for making photorealistic mockups. For example, we can place a screenshot of an interface created in Sketch into a monitor to help clients visualize the final product. We also use it for photo editing, but UI design should never ever be done in PS! While software like Illustrator is a vector editing tool, Photoshop is a raster editing tool for files like PNG, JPG, and GIF.

InVision is a design prototyping platform we use to host the design files / assets (PSD, AI, Etc) and create prototypes. It also is a platforms to provide collaborate on prototype feedback, allowing us to comment, draw, and discuss the prototype directly in the screen.

Realtime Board

Development Tools

Here are the tools for building the web front- and back-end of our projects.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Social Networks

Our company has a few channels to share our work publicly.

Our public face in the dev world. We’re @halfhelix on GitHub.

We don’t tweet much, but we should! We’re @halfhelix twitter.
We Use Buffer to schedule our posts.

We post instagram images of projects and ongoing work. We’re @halfhelix on Instagram.
We use Grum to schedule our posts.

We have a teaser page up now at, but will be releasing our full portfolio in soon. This will help us display our work and generate new leads.

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