How to be a Project Manager @ Half Helix

A note on the language:

  • "Avoid" means don't do it unless you have good reason.
  • "Don't" means there's never a good reason.
  • "Prefer" indicates a better option and its alternative to watch out for.
  • "Do" is a positive instruction.




Feature Tracking



Client Communication


  • Be lighthearted. Because, hey, life is stressful. building websites is stressful. Lets not make talking to one another stressful too.
  • Speak like a human. In an industry that requires a ton of communication between clients, agencies and vendors, it’s important not to let acronyms, “proprietary processes,” and buzzwords lead to confusion and time lost.
  • Show, don't tell. Something about a picture being worth a thousand words.
  • Take responsibility. Nobody like messing up, but pretending like you didn't only makes things worse.


  • Do write short emails. Long emails require long reposnes and are a hige time suck.
  • Do keep emails to a single client minimum. That means if you have a few questions you need to ask the client, but are likely to get more later that day, wait till you have all you questions compiled before sending them to the client.
  • Do write meaningful subjects. The prefered syntax is "Client Name - Project Name // Subject Of The Email". This helps everyone search to for past emails easier. This means that you should update the subject on an email that is sent to you by a client if it's uninformative.
  • Do follow up on emails that have pending questions after 2 - 3 days without a response.
  • Prefer to keep emails threaded by project. This means if one client has more than one project, they should be discussed in different threads.
  • Prefer video calls to phone calls. This is ultimetly un to the client, but always offer a video call in place of a phone call. It's more personal and builds deeper relationships with our clients.
  • Avoid huge email threads. They are a mess to manage and clog up inobxes. If a email thread gets longer then 15 replies, try to close the conversation so you can open a new one.


  • Prefer video calls to phone calls. Seeing someone helps you understand them better.
  • Don't take video calls with an unprofessional background or in poor light. Try to find a simple and clean background with good light.
  • Don't call a client without a scheduled meeting. We'll ask the same from them.


  • Avoid inviting clients to any chat service. We prefer asynchronous communicagtion with clients.
  • Don't use text to communicate with team. Texts build bad habits with clietns and create silos of information not accessible to the rest of the team.

Team Communication


  • Be Nice. Period.
  • Be Friendly. Cause we're all in this together.
  • Be Casual. We do complex work, lets not make it any more complex than it needs to be.
  • Correct your spelling. Because it's good practice.


  • Avoid email for team communication. We all enough emails as is.


  • Prefer video calls to phone calls. Seeing someone helps you understand them better.
  • Avoid calling a team member without a scheduled meeting. Good work takes dedicated focus and we don't want to mess up someones flow.
  • Don't use text to communicate with team. Lets let out team have lives outside fo work.


Quality Assurance



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