Shopify Guide

A mostly reasonable approach to Shopify theme development

A note on the language:

  • "Avoid" means don't do it unless you have good reason.
  • "Don't" means there's never a good reason.
  • "Prefer" indicates a better option and its alternative to watch out for.
  • "Use" is a positive instruction.

High-Level Guidelines

  • Use Gulp, unless you have a good reason not to.
  • Always commit your work to git after a feature is complete
  • Always Use .SCSS flavor of SASS
  • Use snippets/partials whenever possible
  • Shopify Docs are your friend.
  • When in doubt, copy the Timber theme design patterns
  • Use Shopify Image Filters to server properly sized media files.
  • Use Shopify Theme Options for common variables, such as email, social links, hours
  • Use Shopify Pages for static content.
  • Use Shopify Blogs are looped content.
  • Avoid deeply nested naviagtions.
  • Avoid customizing checkout (Shopify Plus Only)

Starter Theme

Shopify Helix

User the Shopify-Helix starterkit unless there is a good reason not to.

  • SCSS Paritials
  • Modular Javascript + ES6
  • Gulp-based file syncing
  • Minification

Shopify Workflow

Shopify does not have a local server or git deployment strategy. This means it's extremely easy to either 1) overwrite a team members work or 2) introduce bugs into a live site. To avoid this, you should follow a development workflow that works with the Shopify system.

Steps to make a feature

Pay attention to this if you are working on a Shopify project at the same time as another developer.

  1. Setup your machine
  2. Create a branch
  3. Log into Shopify Admin > Themes
  4. Duplicate the live theme
  5. Rename newly duplicated theme your branch name
  6. On your new theme, click Customize Theme
  7. Note the Theme ID in the URL (it should be the only integer in the URL)
  8. IMPORTANT paste the branched Theme ID into the theme_id value in config.yml
  9. Run Gulp
  10. Code all the things, and your changes will automatically be pushed up to the unpublished theme of the Theme ID you identified
  11. IF you change any theme settings on your branch (in the Shopify customize theme WYSIWYG), run theme download config/settings_data.json and commit that with your PR.
  12. Finish the feature, make a PR
  13. Merge the PR to master

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