What we do is called a specialized service.

That means that we design and build things to serve customized solutions, similar to a carpenter. Or tailor, seamstress, baker, wedding photographer, tattoo artist, mechanic, cobbler, or optometrist. Like these other professions, developers and designers sell their time and experience to do do things you might not be able to do yourself.

Since each each project is entirely unqiue, and ultimelty only useful to the client it's being done for, we require a deposits for every project.

Lets use an an example:

You can go to IKEA right now and pick up a shelving unit for $100. They already made it. They’re a set size. And if you’re lucky enough that it’s the size you need you’re set. That’s what’s called a commodity. But if you live in a weird-sized apartment, and you need a weird-sized shelving unit to hold your records, you’ll find yourself going to a carpenter. The carpenter will measure your space, ask how strong you need the shelves to be, recommend a few different woods for the job, show you a variety of finishes, and quote you a price based on your answers. The carpenter will then ask you for 50% of that estimate, and return six weeks later with the perfect shelves. And ask for the remaining 50%.

If he didn’t get that 50% up front he’d be putting his own money up for buying wood and other supplies. And taking a huge risk he may never recoup his inverstment if the customer disappears. And he’d be stuck with a shelving unit that only works in the apartment it was built for.

Deposits ensure that both client and contractor have skin in the game and neither is takeing on 100% of the risk.

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